May, 2018

Digital Commerce Award 2018 – EM.Webshop amongst nominees

It’s that time again: on 23rd May the Who’s Who of Swiss Retail and Digital Commerce met in the heart of Zurich at X-Tra for the 2018 Connect conference.

Both the program and list of speakers were promising: the discussion topics revolved around the big players from the East and West, as it usually does, who are creating a bit of a panic on the Swiss retail scene. However, the fact that e-business innovation has not been completely undermined by Amazon, Alibaba, and the like, has been reflected at the Connect conference again this year.

This time around, we had two of our clients in attendance: Elektro-Material AG and OPO Oeschger AG. In the main hall of X-Tra, Alexa Wackernagel (Head of Digital Business, Elektro-Material) and Patrick Oeschger (CEO, OPO Oeschger) animatedly discussed digital innovations and ambitions in the B2B sector. B2B companies are often underestimated, “hidden champions”. For the many things that have already been implemented, you usually only notice their power of innovation and capabilities at second glance. To achieve all the innovations that are still to come in the future, we at e-sphere will be working together in partnership with our clients.

Also included in the conference programme, there were exciting discussions about business models, for example ‘How to take your business model to the next level’, and also digital topics on how to build digital products that grab the attention of customers.

As with every year, towards the evening the programme progressed smoothly into the Digital Commerce Award presentation. e-sphere was present at the award ceremony this year, as our client Elektro-Material’s web shop was one of the nominees for the Champion prize in the B2B online shop category. Our numerous improvements and innovations over recent years – implemented in intensive partnership with EM – lead to the EM.Webshop receiving their nomination from the jury. Even though the B2B shop with by-far the highest turnover (CHF 300 million) was not selected amongst the top three in the B2B category, we will continue to follow our motto of continuous innovation and improvement, making it all the more exciting next year in the competition for this coveted title.

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