December, 2017

A manifesto that makes the business more human

When Nicolas founded e-sphere 16 years ago, he didn’t yet know that with a few simple sentences he could bind his team together and foster positive relationships with his customers. Today Nicolas is convinced that the success of e-sphere has only been possible through his “manifesto”.

“I’ve always been a fan of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development which laid the foundation for agile software development back in 2001,” says Nicolas. What excites him about it still to this day is this: “The framework conditions for successful cooperation within your team, with your customers, and in general are outlined in this document in just a few words.”

Constant improvement with simple words

All it takes is a quick look to recognise the obvious: e-sphere is different. Here you find a team of people who understand each other implicitly. And whose creative juices really flow as a result when it comes to experimentation and exploring new paths. e-sphere is home to people with a great variety of strengths, all of which complement each other perfectly. And without all the usual “business bullshit bingo”. Without grandiose “missions” that rarely reflect reality.

What counts at e-sphere are seven values contained and explained in a “manifesto”. These simple words outline how best to execute a project – within our team and with our customers. Things don’t always run smoothly: Employees are actively encouraged to “sometimes say no’” and to cast a critical eye over decisions.

The seven values of the e-sphere manifesto

“While others like to give the impression to the outside world that they have excellent organisational models and that they support their employees accordingly, we simply practise our values day in, day out,” explains Nicolas.

Yes-men do not push the envelope

Generally speaking, the (self-)critical e-sphere people are well received. Customers appreciate it when proper thought is given and unconventional solutions are pulled out of the hat. “Once an e-sphere customer, always an e-sphere customer,” laughs Nicolas, who at the same time is not afraid to fail every now and then: “We don’t go and hide if something doesn’t work. However, if things go as expected, we also welcome the feedback.”

Manifesto against your weaker self

Nicolas’ manifesto is more than just a bunch of nice words. These words present everyone in the team with real challenges on a daily basis. While they may take some effort to grasp initially, they are not only good for business – those who embrace the manifesto can expect to evolve on a personal level as well. In other words: e-sphere people “grow” as they practise these values and can feel this growth too. Maybe this is a reason for their strong cooperation and outstanding commitment.

“At the moment we’re really happy with how things are going,” says Nicolas. “Brevity is the soul of wit. That’s why we’re also considering making the values in our manifesto even more succinct. But the biggest challenge facing us will be to ensure that our manifesto becomes second nature to new employees also.”

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