EM.App – The extended arm of the EM.Webshop

Redesign of the EM.App and preparation for future requirements

Services Product ownership, development, concept, design

Technologies Android, iOS, SAP Hybris

Year Since 2016

Mobile first

Times are changing and the spread of mobile devices continues unabated. A sound e-commerce strategy does not simply entail having a web shop; mobile channels also need to be considered.

Since 2016, e-sphere has been supporting EM in providing a flexible layout to the EM.Webshop to cater of all types of devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone). And so the foundation stone for a mobile strategy has been laid.

Mobile EM.Webshop vs. EM.App?

EM customers appreciate the option of creating orders directly on the building site, moving products to watch lists, and having a quick overview of the current ordering processes. Functions such as scanning barcodes can only really be implemented using a mobile app. And what’s more: the EM.App can even be used offline. This ensures, even in dead zones, that EM customers always have access to products or can scan or process barcodes. The EM.App is the extended arm of the EM.Webshop.

The first step is always the hardest: New development approach

In August 2014, EM went online for the first time with their own mobile app for the iOS and Android operating systems. e-sphere took over the project in 2016 and shifted the entire development to a new and more modern development basis. Development time has since been reduced by 400%. New functions can now be implemented faster and placed in the app store. The app was redesigned and redeveloped within six months, despite complex interfaces between the EM.App and EM.Webshop.

EM is supported by a dynamic team, tasked with developing the app, which can be deployed as needed. New requirements are first consolidated and then implemented in one-week sprints using the scrum method. Teams comprising two specialists for each development platform ensure the necessary efficiency in implementation.

To the app in the iTunes-Store
To the app in the Google Play Store


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