EM.Webshop – The Swiss army knife for customers in the electronics sector

Increase in customer satisfaction and online sales through continuous development of the EM.Webshop.

Services Product ownership, system architecture, business analysis, back-end development, front-end development

Technologies SAP CX Commerce, Informatica PIM

Year Since 2015


Continuous development towards success

EM.Webshop as a process optimiser

Compared with other B2B shops, in the EM.Webshop, one of the largest providers of electronic materials, the needs of customers are consistently catered for. Using a variety of cross-channel feedback mechanisms, the e-business team at EM is always on the pulse of what their customers want and require. Just like a Swiss army knife, the EM.Webshop offers numerous functions which users can use to optimise and simplify their processes. From multiple shopping carts, to watch lists which can be split up and sent, not to mention the configuration tools for complex products, the EM.Webshop gives you everything you need in a B2B shop.

EM: Internet pioneers since the end of the 90s

Elektro-Material AG is one of the Internet pioneers in the B2B sector in Switzerland. Towards the end of the 90s, EM ventured into the online world with an electronic ordering platform which stayed in use until 2013. EM then opened a new web shop in the middle of 2013 based on the multichannel SAP Hybris platform.

The teething problems experienced after the initial launch of the platform were solved in double-quick time when they switched to e-sphere as their service provider and partner. Barely two years later and the EM.Webshop runs smoothly and stably, allowing customers to place online orders around the clock.

Success through scrum method and DevOps

A dedicated team from e-sphere is there to lend a helping hand to EM, providing continuous support in developing the web shop and the connections to all peripheral systems. Numerous releases per year, a distinctive DevOps culture, a development team guided by the scrum method, and a committed team for testing and quality make the difference. If you want to succeed in the digital world, then you need to have the right people and methods in place.

The sales figures paint a clear picture: Online sales have increased by 10% since e-sphere came on board to stabilise and develop the web shop. And there’s no end in sight.

To the EM.Webshop

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