Our approach

We focus on creating simple and user-friendly solutions for our clients. We work closely and collaboratively with customers each step of the way, putting together the individual parts to form an overall picture.

Path to product vision

1 Identify user goals and conditions
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Identify user goals and conditions

Knowledge of users is acquired using contextual inquiry and interviews; user data is also analysed. The aim is to minimise the risk of undesirable development by adopting false assumptions.

2 Define principles of the product
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Define principles of the product

Principles for the product design and development are defined based on the analysis of current and future users. This serves as a quality guideline for design and development.

3 Create prototypes
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Create prototypes

Based on prototypes of different levels, ideas for products arising from the user analyses are validated and tested. The aim is to replace assumptions with facts and thereby prevent undesirable development from occurring.

4 Implement and test
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Implement and test

The product is developed in close consultation with all participants on an iterative basis using the scrum method. Development is focused on a minimal viable product (MVP).

5 Continuous development
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Continuous development

The product undergoes continuous development based on changing requirements and user feedback.


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Real user feedback is key to creating a good product. Only the real user can express an opinion on the usability of the product. That is why such feedback is the basis for any development.


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Tracking is unavoidable in order to support or refute internal assumptions and user assertions with facts. The data can be used to recognise core functions and identify weak points in the product.

Path to product vision

Did you know?

We are responsible for 28% of sales achieved by the top 10 Swiss entrepreneurs who run their own web shop in the business-to-business sector.



We make it our business to specialise in essential technologies only. We take great care in choosing the right partners and software frameworks.

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After more than a year with e-sphere by our side as a partner for developing our digital sales channels, we have achieved more than in all the years previous. Our secret to success: Working closely TOGETHER! The people at e-sphere are not just our service providers, but full members of our e-business team, too. With respect, openness, a myriad of ideas, and not forgetting scrum methods, we work closely together to ensure that our customers can enjoy a fantastic digital shopping experience.

Alexa Wackernagel
Leiterin Digital Business, Elektro-Material AG


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